Integrated Solutions For Feed Problems & Production Chalenges

Multi Vita Animal Nutrition was first established on 1998 in the industrial zone in 6th of October City, West Cairo. The company was found by Mr. Anwar El-Abd as one of the poultry producer leader in the Egyptian market.

Multi Vita is a sister company for:-

• Pyramids Poultry (broilers farms and feed factories) ..visit pyramids poultry website

• Shahd (Slaughter houses and poultry meats)

• Saudi-Egyptian company (broiler breeders farms)

• Multi Chemical Industry (Choline Chloride and feed additives manufacturing) ..visit multi chemical industry website

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I. First You Add Knowledge

a. Turning Enzymes into Solutions

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Avizyme 1500

More Profit..Improved Nutrition

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Phyzyme XPTPT

More Profit..Better Performance

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Both Avizyme & Phyzyme

Use Avizyme & Phyzyme XP TPT..Together..

b. Essential Oil Compounds For Broiler Diets

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Enviva EO

Producer Profit..increased?

II. Feed Additives for Production Challenges

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Targeted Release..of Acids

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Much more than..a toxin binder

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The efficiency..of the live yeast

III. Go to Essentials

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Rhodimet DL-Methionine

The Methionine Solution

Our Services


The leading..amino acid

Our Services


Established use by..the Feed Industry

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release the potential..of your feed

IV. Zinpro Performance Minerals

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Availa Se Availa Cr

High Performance Minerals from Zinpro

V. Complete Solution Package

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Manufacturing the High Quality Vit. & Min. Premixes

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Macro Vita

The Complete..Solution Package

VI. Tomorrow's Answers Today

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Emulsifier technology for Effective feed production


>> Recent Scientific Criteria of Vitamins & Minerals Quality Assurance for Poultry Nutrition Conference - Sun Rise Hotel - Sharm El Sheikh (10th to 13th March 2014) Dated: 12/3/2014

>> Mycotoxins and their effects on the intestinal integrity of Poultry seminar - Hilton Dream 6th of October (3rd June 2013) Dated: 3/6/2013

>> Health Nutrition Solutions Seminar - Hilton Dream 6th of October (21th May 2013) Dated: 5/21/2013

>> Multi Vita in Agrena Exhibition 2013 - Cairo (6th to 8nd June 2013) Dated: 8/6/2013

>> Multi solutions For Poultry Pelleted Feed Quality & Efficiency Seminar - Jolie Ville Hotel - Sharm El Sheikh (23rd to 25th October 2011) Dated: 10/10/2011

>> Multi Vita in Agrena Exhibition 2010 - Cairo - Egypt (30th June to 2nd July 2011) Dated: 9/6/2011

>> Multi Vita is ISO 22000:2005 certified - (18th March, 2011) Dated: 4/17/2011

>> Round Table Seminar - Sharm El Sheikh - Domina Coral Bay Oasis Hotel (7th to 10th December 2010) Dated: 11/23/2010

>> Multi Vita in Agrena Exhibition 2010 - Cairo - Egypt (1st to 3rd July 2010) Dated: 7/1/2010

>> Sharm El Sheikh Round Table Seminar - Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh (8th to 11th June 2010) Dated: 6/8/2010

>> Nanotechnology and The Modern Trends in Animal Nutrition - Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt (Sunday, March 28, 2010) Dated: 3/28/2010

>> Feed Hygiene & Intestinal Integrity in Poultry Farms - Marsa Alam (25th to 26th Febraury 2009) Dated: 2/25/2009