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Recent Scientific Criteria of Vitamins & Minerals Quality Assurance for Poultry Nutrition Conference
Sun Rise Hotel - Sharm El Sheikh
10th to 13th March 2014

Multi Vita 1st Annual Scientific Conference 2014 with collaboration of Adisseo Company and Zinpro Animal Nutrition...
Mycotoxins and their effects on the intestinal integrity of Poultry seminar
Hilton Dream 6th of October
3rd June 2013

Scientific seminar for Multi Vita Animal Nutrition & Neovia Animal Nutrition
“Update of 5 years Research and development Results”...
Health Nutrition Solutions Seminar
Hilton Dream 6th of October
21th May 2013

Scientific seminar for Multi Vita animal nutrition & DuPont / Danisco Animal Nutrition...
Multi Vita in Agrena Exhibition 2013
6th to 8nd June 2013
Multi solutions For Poultry Pelleted Feed Quality & Efficiency Seminar
Jolie Ville Hotel - Sharm El Sheikh
23rd to 25th October 2011

Scientific Program Seminar - Bredol Day » 23rd October 2011 - Phodimet Day » 24th October 2011 - Microvit day » 25th October 2011 Check more details in the seminar brochure below...
Multi Vita in Agrena Exhibition 2010
Cairo - Egypt
30th June to 2nd July 2011
Multi Vita is ISO 22000:2005 certified

18th March, 2011

Multi Vita has the pleasure to announce that it is ISO 22000:2005 certified In recognition of Multi Vita's Food Safety Management System that complies with ISO 22000:2005 on the 18th March, 2011. C...
Round Table Seminar
Sharm El Sheikh - Domina Coral Bay Oasis Hotel
7th to 10th December 2010

Fighting the Hidden Enemies in our Diary Farms
Mycotoxins & SARA

Multi Vita in Agrena Exhibition 2010
Cairo - Egypt
1st to 3rd July 2010
Sharm El Sheikh Round Table Seminar
Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh
8th to 11th June 2010
Nanotechnology and The Modern Trends in Animal Nutrition
Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt
Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Department of Animal Production at the Faculty of Agriculture in Mansoura University has organized a seminar on "Nanotechnology and The Modern Trends in Animal Nutrition". The seminar has been...
Feed Hygiene & Intestinal Integrity in Poultry Farms
Marsa Alam
25th to 26th Febraury 2009

Multi Vita has organized round table seminar in Marsa Alam city. The participants in this seminar was around 100 of Poultry producers & owners, Technical & Consultants, Veterinarians and Poultry Nu...
Multi Vita Animal Nutrition was first established on 1998 in the industrial zone in 6th of October City, West Cairo.

The company was found by Mr. Anwar El-Abd as one of the poultry producer leader in the Egyptian market.

Multi Vita is a sister company for:-
• Pyramids Poultry (broilers farms and feed factories) ..visit pyramids poultry website
• Shahd (Slaughter houses and poultry meats)
• Saudi-Egyptian company (broiler breeders farms)
• Multi Chemical Industry (Choline Chloride and feed additives manufacturing) ..visit multi chemical industry website
We in Multi Vita believe that our first mission is to provide the high sensitive animals to premix quality, including GPs, breeders and high producing dairy cattle, with excellent quality premixes. The company offers a wide range of vitamins & minerals premixes for all types of production in poultry and large animal feeds.

We are also offering integrated solutions for feed problems and production challenges.
We in Multi Vita believe that nutrition is a good approach to support animal health & We have to offer solutions in areas of feed additives that enable a more natural approach to animal production.
Starting from the year of 2006, poultry industry in Egypt has been widely influenced by:

• Increasing of feed ingredients prices

• Antibiotic growth promoter ban

• Outbreaks of a number of epidemic diseases

• Using of pelleted feed

We developed our mind, since We are a feed additives supplier company in Egypt to find integrated solutions for the coming feed problems and production challenges:

Turning enzymes into solutions; Avizyme 1500 (energy multi-enzymes) and Phyzyme XP (phosphorus enzyme) provide poultry producers with the opportunity to reduce feed costs enable them to absorb some of the increasing in feed ingredients prices.

Offering alternative growth promoters; Prismacid (coated acidifiers), Avizyme 1500 and Probiotics have now proven value in antibiotic growth promoter free nutrition.

Maintaining a strong immune system; T5X efficiently binds mycotoxins, which causes immunosppresion, and stimulates the non specific immune system to strengthen animals. AvialaSe (organic selenium) is known as a good tool to enhance the immune system in the animal.

Adding more confidence to the feed additives in heat treated pelleted feed by using:

• Compensatory more vitamins ratios.

• Heat stable feed additives:

Phyzyme XP; heat stable up to 95°C

Avizyme 1500; heat stable up to 90°C

Prismacid; heat stable up to 85°C

Ensuring success for our customers/partners; Multi Vita offers a complete solution package for animal feed manufacturers in the areas of animal nutrition; Macrovita Macro-premixes.

Through discussion in our technical seminars and extensive one-on-one feedback, We are learning how to benefit from our products, together with our partners/customers.

The technical seminars are regularly hold as one-day or multi-days in one of the beautiful cities/resorts spread in Egypt.
Since we have a great confidence in our company’s future, research and development form an essential role in the company's plan for the future.

We are planning to establish a nutrition and research laboratory equipped with advanced technologies.

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